Martial Arts Super Show

April 9, 2019 – From Sensei Holzbauer

Dear Friends,

I had a great experience 10 days ago in Nevada at the tournament, the fight seminar and the Clark County Detention Center. Being a part of competing (there were 77 black belts), teaching, passing out Truth For Fighters books and sharing the gospel have changed my plans for this summer. “A man makes his plans
but the Lord directs his course.” Instead of spending the majority of the time just in Las Vegas we’re going to go on a tour. Let me explain. The Martial Arts Supershow draws much of the same crowd year after year, and its main thrust is geared to the success of commercial schools and teaching martial arts as a career. We want to
take the Good News of Jesus directly to the fighters in the MMA gyms, wrestling camps, boxing gyms and martial arts schools. With Jan’s help (I don’t do computer) we’ll map out our course, contact the gyms in advance and set up a time with their fighters. We’ll pass out the T4F books and ask for 10-15 minutes to share
our faith and invite the fighters to make a decision for Christ. This is going to be more work in getting it all organized but I believe we’ll have more opportunity with more fighters this way. We’ll still plan a day in Las Vegas at the Supershow and while we’re there we’ll also visit 3 great fight gyms including Xtreme Couture. A
few changes: I’ll fly Nell Astudillo from Calgary to Tulsa and we’ll begin the tour here. The states I’d like to cover besides Oklahoma are Texas (Amarillo), New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, Utah and Colorado. I believe we can catch 3 or 4 gyms each day over 2-3 weeks.

This morning’s time in the Word was in Proverbs 2. Three statements spoke to me. 1-“The Lord holds victory in store for the upright.
2-He plans the course of the just.”
3-He protects the way of His faithful ones.”

I believe we can spread the gospel of Christ with this course to thousands of fighters directly. I’m in my seventh day of praying over this and am convinced this new plan is from the Lord. I wanted you to be aware of the change and ask for your prayers. I’m contacting Nell Astudillo today with the change in plans and asking
him to have his spiritual and martial family in the Philippines pray also. We have two months to organize all of this. Please pray for open doors, and I’ll keep you in the loop as plans fall into place.

“For a great and effective door has opened to me…” I Cor. 16:9a.
“The Kingdom of God is forcefully advancing and aggressive men lay hold of it.” Mt.11:12.

Always present on the battlefield,


April 5th, 2019 – From Sensei Holzbauer

Last year we gave out around 2500 Truth For Fighters books at this show
and MMA gyms. This book has been well received by fighters from all combat
sports. With the success God gave us last year, we plan to go back again this year.
Here are the details:

(1) Nell Astudillo, our ABKA instructor over 26 schools in
the Philippines and Taiwan, will go with me. I’ll fly him down from Calgary,
Alberta, where he is visiting family, to Las Vegas near the end of June. He will
help me pass out books and witness to the fighters.
(2) After the show we will travel to MMA gyms in Las Vegas (which is the fight capital of the world) and the surrounding area and pass out books and share the gospel at every opportunity.
(3) Over the 2 weeks he is with me we will try and set up ministry in prisons and
detention centers in Nevada and Utah. Nell will fly back to Calgary July 15.
(4) We will save the $2300 vendor’s booth fee by carrying books in our backpacks
with signs “Free Fight Books” and passing them out in the Bellagio’s lobby and in
the display areas. The lady who will be at the Century display is Filipino and is a
friend of both Nell and myself.
(5) We will get as many Truth For Fighters books as we can. Up to 1000 of the books are $8.00 each; over that they are $7.00 each.  If you haven’t read T4F and are thinking of investing in this mission let us know and we’ll get one to you.
(6) This mission is time sensitive as we need to get our order in to the printers one month in advance to assure we get them in time. Add to that the time for shipping and we need to order the number of books near the end of May.
(7) If you would like to help in this mission, you can give through ABKA.  Make the check to: ABKA Missions and put in the memo T4F. You can give the check to Patti Lester, Christa Vance-Bryan or me or send it to:

P.O. Box 14288
Tulsa, OK 74159.

I believe the Bible is the greatest fight Book ever written and that often God
uses fighters to accomplish His will; men and women such as Joshua, David,
Gideon, Deborah and Jael. We want to continue that divine strategy in our
generation. Please, only give after you have prayed about it and believe you are
led by God to support this mission effort.

II Tim. 2:2-4
“Always Present on the Battlefield”