Lots of progress has been made and there is still a long ways to go!  Sensei Holzbauer is working tirelessly on this project.  We are able to support this both by being a part of a work team and contributing financially.  Charles and Lara Mashek are coordinating the work teams so please contact them at ccmashek@gmail.com.  To support it financially, you can either donate online by clicking on the link or mailing a check to:  ABKA, PO Box 14288, Tulsa, OK 74159 with “Warrior Lodge” in the memo.  The rough estimate for the project is $85,000 and less than $2,000 has been donated so far.  Progress photos and additional information is on the “Warrior Lodge” page.



Pillars of ABKA:
1) International missions
2) International and local benevolence
3) Training excellent martial artists to use their talents for God’s glory

Mission statement:
To use the Martial Arts to bring glory to God, to honor Christ and to build up and expand the Kingdom of God through evangelism and discipleship. To teach a quality standard of Martial Arts and to develop Martial Artists with Christ-like character. “Whatever you do, do it with all of your heart, as unto the Lord and not unto man.” Colossians 3:23