Nell Astudillo is the chief instructor over dozens of schools in the Philippines.  Most are in or around the Davao area and General Santos City, and others are in remote villages and farther flung locations.  Sensei Astudillo hold high ranks in a number of different martial arts, teaches multiple fighting disciplines, and is highly involved in many sports ministries.


Sensei Darroll Prusia and his sons Dylan and Dythan teach at two different locations and also hold high ranks in the Rosenbach Warrior training system.  Darroll, his wife Kim, and their four boys moved to Mexico as missionaries and have continued their martial arts training and teaching despite the distance from their main instructors.


Sensei David Taylor currently leads seven clubs with eight more locations just waiting for available instructors to begin.  The club locations are purposefully placed in the neediest, poorest, and often the most violent areas because this is where students need structure and self defense training the most.